Meet Your Coach

Toyin Crandell is the host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, the best-selling author of Money Mindset SHIFT. Church Edition, a financial mentor, an international speaker, and the founder of Money Mindset SHIFT.

She specializes in helping business owners and career professionals ditch their limiting beliefs about money, design a simple, proven and customized financial freedom plan so they can build wealth, get rest and create a lasting legacy.

She has coached thousands of individuals and families, helping them increase their wealth by $10s of millions of dollars and pay off millions of dollars of debt while enjoying their lives in the process. 

Using the principles she teaches, Toyin Crandell went from being stuck in tens of thousands of debt, having no food for her family to building eight streams of income and running her own multi-million dollar company.

Her mission is to empower 1 million people to be so financially free, they can focus on living and enjoying the lives they were put on this planet for without distraction.

about toyin crandell coaching

Our clients’ transformation is our top priority.

We don’t just give budgets, we change lives.
Our trademarked “Diamond Effect” and Money Mindset SHIFT. processes, combined with our level of support and accountability means that the clients we work with receive life altering results that affect their finances and translate into every other area of their lives – family, health, relationships, faith etc.

But Here’s The Deal…

We do NOT work with everyone.


Here are a few checks to see if we may or may not be a good fit.

We Are NOT For

Those Looking For An Easy Way Out

Anyone who is looking to looking for shortcuts and miracles as their primary strategy for financial freedom. 

Yes, our clients scale their business revenue, personal income and profit much faster than normal. But not because our process is “magic”. You won’t 10x your revenue while sitting on your couch doing nothing. You must be ready to do the work.

Our clients hit their financial goals in record time, because they are not sitting around waiting for miracles. They create a proven, customized financial freedom plan and put in the work to make it happen. Every. Single. Time.

Those Who Do Not Want to Be Honest With Themselves

You cannot change without humility.
If you are unwilling to be honest with yourself about where you are financially, there is no way we will be able to get you to a better place.

We don’t care if you have a negative balance or millions of dollars in your accounts. If you are not where you want to be financially, there is a reason for it and we will need you to be gut level honest with yourself in order for us to help you shift and make your reality better than you’ve envisioned.

We dig out faulty foundations, reset your habits and are in this to see long-term change that allows you to leave a legacy of wealth for your children’s children.

Those Who Want To Punish Themselves Through Their Financial Journey

Many people have bought the lie that you cannot build wealth and actually enjoy yourself in the process. They don’t want to get simple things like ice cream for their children. We don’t buy that. The entire purpose of building wealth is so that you can give back extravagantly, get rest and enjoy the journey with the people you love, otherwise, what’s the point?


Yes, this will take work. Yes this will take commitment. Yet, working yourself to the ground and burning yourself out may produce short term results but will not last for decades. You also miss out on life in the process. So be ready to laugh a lot and work smart not just hard.

We Work With

Business owners and career professionals who have plateaued financially or feel stuck in the feast to famine, month to month cycle.

If you are sick and tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, doing a ton of work with very little reward, we can help you break the negative patterns and take your financial power back.

You must be Committed. Resourceful. Coachable.

You must be dead serious about changing your financial story and claiming the life God has placed you on this planet for… while being present with your family and sharing what you have with those who need it.

Making a real positive impact in your family, community and sphere of influence.

If that’s you, then click below and check out our latest complimentary Masterclass where I reveal the step-by-step strategy we use to help our clients shift from stuck and frustrated, to peaceful and thriving.

Client Results

Her BIGGEST 5-figure launch EVER after feeling STUCK for years!

Isi is a world changer. Go Getter. A strong woman who knows exactly what to do within her business. Her only problem was… persistent self sabotage that kept her from receiving. There was something inside her that had her hustling, working, doing ALL the things but not receiving a financial reward that reflected her expertise. More than that, the cash flow crunch was real and persistent. Isi was going through the motions of survival. She knew she needed to work on her mindset, but wasn't sure how exactly to fix the patterns she was seeing.She was smoothing over the problem with positive affirmations (which she hated) instead of getting to the root. Though she was praying, she wasn't praying with intel into the real problem. Searching for Youtube videos on budgeting. Downloading apps. Consolidating debt to try and lessen the reality of it. She knew exactly what she wanted and where she wanted to be. But her mind would literally hold her back from believing she could REALLY get there. She would walk right up to her breakthrough and then crumble in front of it… until 8 weeks ago.8 weeks ago she got started in Money Mindset SHIFT. Join myself and Isi as we talk about exactly how she↬ Shifted from money being SCARCE and overworking to get nothing. To now, knowing abundance is real and actually experiencing it!↬ Became a strong financial contributor in her household and watched her online business go from “dream” to paying off debt, funding a wardrobe change, and supporting others.↬ Was finally able to forgive someone who had caused a lot of pain for her in the area of finances after YEARS of trying - like she said, she could FINALLY have a conversation with them and feel real love for them. BLESSING!!↬ Finally truly understood and believed that she deserves and can have good things ↬ Gained the confidence of knowing that her mission to change lives and everything she is doing is WELL within her leagueAnnnd… had her largest 5 figure launch within her business while taking care of two toddlers SOLO (mumpreneurs know, that’s no joke).Then… landed speaking opportunities at major corporations like Google etc. And is now... setting up her business to bring in over $1 million in the next year because the floodgates have been opened and she is finally a partner in her own success.Join us as we celebrate the level of SHIFT that is possible in your life and business within the space of only 2 months!If you know yo've been called to do much much more than where you're at right now... get your butt on the phone with us IMMEDIATELY.'s see if we're a fit to help you shift!

Posted by Toyin Crandell - High Performance Success Coach on Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Student Loan PAID off in ONE year instead of 10!

When Chi and I spoke this time last year she thought it would take her TEN years to pay off her student loan - IF SHE DID NOTHING ELSE but continue to slave away, work hard and only pay down the debt.She had heard everyone say that you have to suffer through the process and not be able to enjoy life while you tackle debt. Added to that was feeling like it would be straight up impossible because her finances were SO tight already. Where would she get the extra cash flow to do it?Fast forward ONE year later and she is 100% student loan debt FREE!She learned how to work SMART not hard.She did not have to suffer through the process.She was able to travel to parts of the world she had never visited before.She was able to purchase things that give her joy.She is now confident about her financial future, able to focus on living the dream God has called her to and scale from here.Watch this video to see the tools Money Mindset SHIFT. gave her to be able to do this.What about you? You're not stuck. See, Chi's journey started with one free breakthrough session. For yours, go to and book a time!#noexcuses

Posted by Toyin Crandell - High Performance Success Coach on Saturday, May 25, 2019