Building Resilience in Seasons Of Rapid Change
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September 25
5:30pm EST

  • Many historically successful business owners and professionals are suddenly facing unprecedented levels of change and transition in their lives, businesses and work

  • They know that theyknow that they need to approach this season from a higher level of clarity, wisdom and adaptability than they have ever operated before in order to come out winning!

  • They understand that in a season of change, some businesses will take up market share.
  • Some employees will receive the promotions and additional benefits for showing up in creativity and confidence...

  • While others will hit stagnation and decline.
  • And that decline can lasts for years.

  • This means that if you can learn how to THRIVE in the midst of change, you will be able to build a life, career and business that can experience long-term success, no matter what.

It's time to show up consistently with resilience, confidence and creativity.
Why Does It Matter?
Have you ever noticed in your circle, a business owner or successful career professional who seems to always have a solution for every challenge?
Who shows up in a truly unshakeable frame of mind?
Who is consistent and calm even when the unexpected happens?

Have you wondered how they are able to do this no matter what?

Have you wanted that?
And for those of you who live here, are you feeling tired of being the only one who is focused on creating out of abundance and not scarcity?
Are you looking for fuel that will fan the passion you feel in this season instead of the negativity that has been water to your fire?

If you are a business owner or career professional, it is CRITICAL that you know how to thrive when things are shifting and moving rapidly.

If you can do this, you will be able to —
Stand Out In Your Sphere of Influence
While other businesses are pulling back on marketing, inventory, or even closing their doors, those who  engage with their people - dare I say those who get louder have the opportunity to capture a bigger piece of their market.
But if your brain is feeling like it is in short circuit mode, it won't be willing to put yourself out there because of fear.

Build Brand Loyalty
When you show up with resilience, confidence and creativity, your people notice it. They can smell the difference between those who are faking it and those who know they had the sauce and they STILL have the sauce!!!
Your clients will remember the business owners that provided value when times were tough.

So let's help you strengthen your voice, your engagement and the way you are showing up.

New Opportunities
When things change quickly, many contract.
This means that other business owners will start to lay people off which allows you to  hire great talent - which increases the quality of service you provide to your people... which creates a POSITIVE spiral for your business.

Top level career professionals will stop showing up in their normal level of contribution because they are focused on all the media negativity and negative Nelly conversations at the water cooler... and the door will be open for you to walk right in... if you are prepared and know how to stay SHARP.

Gain A Competitive Advantage
Those who learn how to think creatively during seasons of pivot create some of their BEST products in the pressure.
The stuff that carries their business and careers for decades to come.
But this type of competitive advantage is only experienced if you know how to get your BRAIN to think with clarity and creatively within a high pressure environment.

Position Yourself for the Rebound
Markets are NEVER static.
It will bounce back and those business owners and professionals who were able to establish themselves while others were running away will be positioned to take over when consumers are ready to spend and promotions are necessary (by the way people ARE landing dream jobs and promotions RIGHT NOW when in the right frame of mind).

But the best part of learning how to thrive in the midst of change is who you get to become.
You learn how to be a leader who is immovable despite that sharp left turn.
You team is able to count on you. Your family knows the version of you they got yesterday is the same version of you they will get tomorrow. No Jekyll and Hyde flexes.

You get to be that leader who directs your team, serves your clients and creates greatness with a smile on your face and a pep in your step. 
Because the quicker you let go of what used to work but isn't, the sooner you find what propels you TODAY.
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Invest time into your number ONE asset.
Join us and learn to THRIVE!
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