Take a few moments and briefly describe how connected, heard and fulfilled/creating impact you currently feel you are living. Don’t spend more than a couple minutes on this exercise - simply write a few sentences to declare it as it has been and own that. I want you to have a record of where you are now so you can look back down the road and see your incredible transformation!
There are three main areas for fulfillment: God, relationships and work. We are going to review your level of connectedness in these three areas. This may feel uncomfortable and can stir up some emotion. Remember that accepting 'what is' is a key part of moving forward. You do not have to be afraid of or run away from any area of your life.


Record the level of connectedness you have experienced with God over the last 3 months below on a scale of 0 to 10. 10 being most connected, you are living in an “open heaven” state and 0 being extremely disconnected and mostly task focused. How many times in a day do you notice a tangible connection to God? A week? That month? (not just spending time doing “spiritual/mindset exercises” but FEELING connected).


Write down the current state of trust, connectedness and safety you feel in your closest relationships below. 99% of the time this is your relational set point in these areas. If it is currently not at your normal for any reason (e.g. just won the lottery and EVERYBODY loves you but last month it was slightly different lol).


Record below the level of fulfillment you have felt in your work right now and over the last 5 years on a scale of 0-10. As well as any inner conflict you’ve experienced around work. In this section, you can focus on any purpose related major projects that may not be your actual career right now. Have you produced tangible products in the area of your purpose?