My Currrent Money Situation | Money And Me

There are three main types of money: income, savings and debt.


Record your monthly income from the last 6 months below.This may feel really uncomfortable to do as it can stir up a lot of emotions. But remember that accepting 'what is' is a key part of moving forward.You do not have to be afraid of orrun away from your money story.


Write down the current balance in your bank account below. 99% of the time this is your money set point. It's the level of savings your subconcious is comfortable having and sitting at. If it is currently not at the normal for any reason, review a couple previous months' end balance and note those as well. We need to shift your subconcious’ comfort level from this number to the amount you WANT to have sitting in your account.


Record below the exact amount of any credit card debt, credit lines / bank loans, student loans, car loans, money borrowed from family members, etc. Don't include your mortgage as property tends to be an investment so focus on any money you owe besides any mortgage you may have.