Toyin’s Life Hacks

Here are Toyin’s recommendations to uplevel in every area of your life. This page is updated annually with the top recommendations and observations.

Brain Hacking & Growth

Top Recommended Podcasts and Audio Shows

Money and Financial Growth

Click here: The Millionaire Money Podcast 

Real Estate Growth

Click here: Bigger Pockets Podcast

Spiritual Growth

Click here: Already In You Podcast

Top Recommended Documentaries

Click links below:


The Last Dance – Michael Jordan

Shaq (2022)

Branson (2022)

Maxine’s Baby ( Tyler Perry)

Elvis Presley (2022)

Top Recommended Books

The Bible

Money Mindset SHIFT. Toyin Crandell
Will help you identify your limiting beliefs about money and see an overview of our process for clearing them.

Radical ObedienceToyin Crandell

Money Won’t Make You Rich – Sunday Adelaja
One of the first books I read that changed my perspective of growing wealth.

Talent Is Never Enough – John Maxwell
One of the most impactful books I have read on not trying to “wing” my way to success

Bait Of Satan – John Bevere
THE best book I have ever read on the subject of forgiveness. I read it annually AND at the end I sit down with the song – A Heart That Forgives by Kevin Levar and allow my heart to release any built up offense.

No Limits – John Maxwell

Built To Sell and Clockwork

Some of the two best books I’ve read on creating systems to set you free as a CEO

Profit First
Need I say more? Get this book. Read it multiple times. Have bank in your business.

Winning: The Unforgiving Race to Greatness – Tim Grover and Can’t Hurt Me – David Goggins
If you want a kick in the pants to get off your butt and get something done, pick up either of these two books. Viewer discretion is advised… David Goggins cusses… like a Navy Seal loool (see what I did there? He is one lol)

The Game of Life and How To Play It – Florence Scovel Shinn
When I want to be reminded not to try striving my way to success and to simply let things come, I read this.

Marriage is Meant to Be Enjoyed, Not Endured **
Dream Dreams and Have Dominion **
The One Minute Millionaire


Voice Care and Immunity Recommendations

Toyin's Daily Voice Tea

2 packs of Ginger tea (this exact type can be found anywhere – Walmart etc)
1 bag peppermint tea
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp elderberry syrup
2 tbsp honey
Collagen Powder (for soft skin)

Immunity “shots”
Oregano Oil
Organic Energy Drink 


Tower Garden for growing your own vegetables

Plexus Vitamins – Gut Health
This is what I use to prevent bloating and gassiness(sp?) lol and maintain my energy.

Rose Tea Toner
Face Wash
Cure Facial Scrub
Face Hydration Cream


Get to know Jesus Christ Himself.

Top Church Streams

International House of Prayer

Elevation Worship

Christ Apostolic Church (Bethel)

Toronto City Church



Recommend a quarterly one day retreat minimum

Vacation even if it’s a staycation

The Act of Marriage (book) – my mum gifted this to me for my honeymoon… awkward much? Nah, she’s a marriage coach. Very useful for newlyweds.

Dance lessons together

Language lessons together

What are each of your love languages and how can you speak them in your everyday life?

Recommended Vendors

Mention Toyin Crandell for our client discount package with each of these vendors:

Corporate Event Planning – Oruka Events


This is my specialty!

Disclaimer: We take fun very seriously… I take fun very seriously lol so this WILL be the longest list. Simply pick and choose whatever you like. Be inspired. Create your own version of the fun list and if all else fails make something up on the spot and go do it!

Improv fun!
Turn up the music (see recommended Soundtrack of Awesome below)
Dancing around your house

Singing camp songs – if you don’t know camp songs, go and learn them. I don’t care how old you are. Lol


Axe throwing



Hot air balloon

Indoor skydiving

Visit a waterfall!

Visit a beautiful lake!



Local Butterfly Aviary

African lion safari

Ice cream truck

Gliding (flying with wings)



Drive in movie

Water sports

Treetop trekking



Go Hiking!

Horseback riding

Apple orchard (and then go home and bake a pie blindfolded with someone directing you). You have never laughed so hard lol

Find a beach – go swimming!


Indoor rock climbing


Roller skating

Cliff jumping into the water!!!


Board Games

ScruplesHands down the most fun game we play with large groups. You will learn things about your closest friends you never imagined! lol


Cash flow quadrantThe game will TEACH YOU ABOUT MONEY!


Settlers of Catan

Ticket to ride original


MonopolyIf you buy a more recent version it’s no longer 3 hours long… only about 1 (my husband ALWAYS walks away after 45 minutes lolol) Monopoly teaches you patience.

Card Games

Monopoly Cards – This gives the Monopoly feel and each game is only about 15-20 minutes


Lovevery – Montessori play boxes shipped out every quarter from the age of 0-4 years old to help your child stay ahead in their learning.

Outdoor park

Trampoline park


Splash park

Camp in your backyard

Mini golf

Bobbing for apples

Kung fu Piñata

Cats cradle string games

Board Games

Guess who

Ticket to ride kids

Cash flow for kids – This game will teach yo’ children about money!

Music Links

Declaration of Dependence – Toyin Crandell

My most recent album about surrendering to God’s plans and His faithfulness to come through.

Sparrow – Joshua Crandell

The track sunshine on this album ALWAYS makes me smile. It doesn’t hurt that his voice sounds like butter *drool*

Living Out Love

If you want to be CHALLENGED to love, have faith and walk in obedience to God, this album will do it for you.

Love Letters

My very first album

My Soundtrack of Awesome

Afrobeats, Pop and a few slow jams

Nigerian Dance Party 

What it sounds like lol

Prayer Soundtrack

This is what I play when it’s time to pray in a focused way

Sleep Soundtrack

What it sounds like lol

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