Money Mindset SHIFT.™ The Bridge To Multiplying Your Millions
6-8 Figure Business Owners Scaling Millions of Dollars
Connect the Dots Between Your Money and Mindset and Scale Your Business and Personal Finances by Millions of Dollars
…And do it without giving up time with those you love, losing your peace of mind, or putting yourself on such a strict budget you can’t buy ice cream!
Money Mindset SHIFT.™
Experience the fulfillment of 10xing your business revenue, cash collected and profit without the feast and famine cycle.

The certainty that you are able to care for your family's financial needs without sacrificing your relationship with them in the process.

The confidence that you are living at the fullness of your potential, knowing that your decades of hard work will count for generations to come.

Build a lasting legacy with Money Mindset SHIFT.™
The World’s Top Millionaires
Have 3 Things in Common

It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming to reach your first million or want to multiply your millions…

Knowing how to identify and SHIFT your limiting beliefs about money, master your cash flow, scale your cash collected, then profits and diversify your income streams separates a high-achieving entrepreneur from an 8-9 figure multi-millionaire with personal assets to show for it.

The truth is hundreds of my students have been exactly where you are right now…
Most of Them Were Doing “Well” In Everyone’s Eyes But Knew They Were Playing Less Than Their Full Potential…
They could see where they were sabotaging themselves but they didn't know how to stop the patterns…
They were working 12 hours a day doing all the nitty gritty tasks in their businesses…
They were surrounded by people who didn’t inspire them to multiply the success they had built...
They were earning a healthy 6-8 figures each year but the money was not creating assets at the pace they knew was possible…
They had spent $10,000s on financial coaches who gave them budgets and spreadsheets they never got around to opening - much less completing.
Others had spent $10,000s on "mindset" coaches who told them to just “manifest” without actionable steps to multiply the money in their hands.
They thought this was NORMAL! In fact they were told this was great because it was "better than most people".

But internally they knew something was OFF.

There was more.

There is more.

And you know it.

What IS Money Mindset SHIFT.™?
Money Mindset SHIFT. is a complete Neuroscience Financial system that creates lasting tangible change in your money mindset and bank accounts, helping everyday people scale their net worth to millions of dollars.

Shift your limiting beliefs about money and success, implement our business growth scaling formula, then put your money to work so you don't have to continue to work at this pace indefinitely.

It's powered by proven psychological principles to help you get out of your own way and end any self sabotage that slows down your growth process.

So that you can build with rest, ease and flow.
A Trademarked Neuroscience Financial Process That Works

Money Mindset SHIFT. is powered by proven psychological principles to identify and remove the limiting beliefs your subconscious has agreed for decades because of past experiences, upbringing, environment and internal personal disposition.

And because you have work to do leading your team, serving your clients and selling your products, it has a step by step guideline for SHIFTING those beliefs in minutes instead of weeks, months or years - so you don't need to put the brakes on your business to get over these roadblocks.

A System For Scaling Business Revenue Consistently

Once you implement the Business Growth Scaling Formula, growth happens with consistency and predictability. This system is how you TRULY can multiply your time by overcoming challenges with clarity and confidence.

Think bigger than you have ever allowed yourself to and then know the exact steps to take to create that vision in your business model.

And, with a proven system in place, you can continue to scale up until you reach the revenue level you want. Seven figures? Yes. Eight figures? Multiple clients already have.

Multiply To Millions

You aren't meant to simply work for money. Money is meant to work for you. It's time to not just earn, but keep, multiply and enjoy. You will automate your finances - paying yourself, paying your vendors, investments, savings, all the things.

Because no two dreams are identical, you will calculate the unique cost of your dream and create a financial freedom plan to bring it to life. So you wake up in the dream and bring your family along with you.

It's time for your personal net worth to catch up with your income.

What Money Mindset SHIFT. Is NOT.
Get Rich Quick OR "Name It and Claim It"
How many people have you seen name and claim without any tangible financial shift for decades?
God is not a genie and expects us to do our part in creating the outcomes we are praying for.

Those who "get rich quick", lose it quick  because their subconscious is not acclimated to the level of wealth they received.
Case and point: the lottery mentality
The Envelop System or Some Google Budgeting System
Friend, this is 2023.

You business is too important to still be relying on spreadsheets from Google.
It's time to put on big boy|big girl pants!
Plus, it is a waste of precious time trying to force your brain to use outdated budgeting systems that you constantly start and stop.
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Woo Woo Manifestation
A client told me that a coach once told her to go to a road intersection and make an incantation in order to have more money. 🤢🤮🤮🤮

If you are looking for that type of manifestation woo woo, please do not come in here. We WILL shift your money mindset. We will NOT have you clucking like a chicken, yelling at yourself or listening to ai recordings of a fake voice telling you a fake number in a fake bank account.
(Why does this need to be saidddd???)
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"Spending Money" - It Is an Investment
We expect you to work towards a return on your investment. This is not another course you step into for optional growth. This process will affect all the other courses, projects and business tasks on your plate.

This is the ONE area in your business you cannot outsource.
It's you vs you.
Sit with the process and create the dream and then celebrate with your own self knowing you daggone came on the other side of this mountain!!!
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 Restrictive Financial Planning
Can I tell you the truth?
All those spending challenges.
And gurus telling you you cannot buy coffee in the morning, or ice cream for your children, or take a vacation until you're so old you cannot take a vacation,
are setting you up to fail.

You may be able to withstand the urge to spend for 30 days, but you know what sets in afterward? That all too familiar feeling of deprivation. And just like someone who went on a restrictive diet for 30 days, you spend more (making up for missed time and fun) than you would have if you just learned how to have a healthy relationship with money, success and remove the internal compulsion that drives your spending decisions.
You aren't meant to simply work for money.
Money is meant to work for you.

Let's put it to work.
As Seen On
Implement the Financial Neuroscience Process that Scaled Our Clients Business Revenue and Net Worth by $10s of Millions of Dollars
When we noticed how much money we have helped our clients earn, I knew I had to gather everything we’ve learned over the past 8 years and put together a step-by-step plan for business owners like you to scale to millions of dollars in cash collected and profit and make that money go to work for you… 

Listen, after you learn how to create, keep and multiply millions in revenue and profits…
You’ll stop working for money and start making money work for you because you have multiple streams of income
You’ll no longer be tied down by wearing all the hats inside your business (because you have duplicatable systems and the right team behind you)
You won’t wake up feeling uninspired but instead have a step-by-step plan to scaling your profits over the next 12 months
You’ll stop simply going through the motions in your business (and experience the indescribable feeling that you’ve “conquered this mountain”)
But most importantly, you’ll know that you have created something that can outlast you. You have written a dramatically different story for yourself and paved a path for others to follow.

Our Modules
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 Our Client, Leanne
Awareness is 90% of the victory.
Get ready to be the most honest you have ever been with yourself. 
No woo-woo tactics or mindset mantras. We’re going to dive deep into the real roadblocks stopping you from making millions and having your millions work for YOU.
If you have ever wondered why you repeat limiting patterns even after identifying them. You can be very self aware but not yet have identified the root cause of your beliefs about money.
Access to an in-depth workbook and numerous thought-provoking prompts that help you uncover deeply held beliefs (money roadblocks) that are guiding your current reality.
The hidden subconscious beliefs that are keeping you from creating or multiplying your millions.
Whether it is about experiences last week or 40 years ago, this powerful process will give your heart the space to speak to you like it never has before. Just like Leanne shares about in this video- 
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 Our Client, Samuel
 Module 2: The Diamond Effect Process
It's not enough to know your money mindset roadblocks.
SHIFT them in minutes instead of decades.
Experience the freedom your brain deserves.

Actionable steps to demolish the hidden subconscious beliefs keeping you from creating multiple millions (so you finally have the freedom you’ve been wanting).
A trademarked, proprietary exercise like nothing you've experienced before that will facilitate your mindset shift.
Tools and strategies to implement as new levels of business growth trigger new money mindset or success roadblocks.
If you have sabotaged yourself for decades and tried multiple other processes and programs, be rest assured. Module 2 ALWAYS works.
It's time for your freedom!!! Check out what Samuel had to say about Module 2 - 
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 Our Client, Lynda
 Module 3: Magnetic Wealth
New Mind, New Life
This is where you kick "hustle culture" in the shins and learn how to receive with rest, ease and flow.
A framework and system that teaches you how to receive wealth without striving. 
The secret daily routine I used for years that took me from homeless to multimillionaire in 3 year and 11 streams of income within 5 years.
Why most affirmations do not work (hint: they usually trigger incongruence in your brain) and the exact steps to help your brain and subconscious step into your future self with proof in your actions, today.
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 Our Client, Simone
 Module 4: The Clarity Catalyst Code
"It is incredibly easy to work hard, climb the ladder of success only to discover it's leaning against the wrong wall." Steven Covey

Are you sick of "pie in the sky" goals that never actualize? The conference hype where people run to the front and declare from the mic -
"I will earn ten millliooonnn dollarrrrs" but you know they have zero groundedness around their goal?

We are too.
You will learn the biggest mistake people make as they prepare for their financial freedom.
As a company with a system that has helped hundreds of people create exactly what they have prayed for, for years, we learned something critical that will save you money, time and emotional energy.
Sometimes what you think you want today is not a dream that came from and for you.
So we filter your goals through our 12 Areas of Clarity Workshop to ensure
1. They are truly your deepest desires so that you feel the joy of accomplishment when we create it.
2. You understand the numeric cost of your dreams, so that you can create them tangibly.
Because without extreme clarity and sharp vision toward execution, lifelong dreams turn into heartbreaking regret.
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 Our Client, Isi
 Module 5: Business Growth Scale Formula
Make Money. Make Lots of It.
It's time to create a game-plan to reach your cash goals for this year.
Too many business owners major on the minors. Wasting years on business frills like branding, colours, instead of getting dead focused on two things -
1. Serving their clients at the highest level possible.
2. Getting paid.

We will fix this for you.

You will learn how to stop wearing all the hats in your business (...and hire the right staff so you can fall back in love with what you do and not feel guilty about getting help).
The 4 departments of a multiple 7-figure business that enable business owners to scale at a consistent rate (... while freeing up their schedules so they can focus on spreading impact).
The exact system I used to collect over $1M in profits for my business (...without being tied down by all nitty gritty tasks)
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 Our Client, Chiagozie
Shift from being a mere player to a Master in the game of wealth by leveraging the laws of money.
"Money is a wonderful servant but a terrible master." - P.T. Barnum
Gain access to effective tools and strategies for managing your finances. Think of it as GPS for your wealth – you'll always know where you stand, where you're headed and what direction to go.
Uncover the most powerful shift that separates the wealthy from others in how they spend money. You will learn the 4 Laws of Money top millionaires religiously follow to increase their cash flow in the shortest amount of time possible (...while keeping their workload to a minimum)
Discover how to resist the temptation of instant gratification and focus on long-term financial growth WHILE spending on what truly gives you joy. It's not about hoarding, but about wise allocation.
Discover the 11 streams of income you can start leveraging right now to create millions (...and which one I’ve been using that has the highest area of growth even when the market is down) 
Unleash the power of your money by letting it grow and multiply. Get ready to enter the realm of big players where money isn't just earned; it's multiplied.
Get ready to transform profits from your current business into a multi-million dollar fountain. This is where generational wealth and your current business are going to work as a powerful unit
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 Our Client, Kelly
 Module 7: The Money Master Plan
"Money is not the goal. Money has no value. The value comes from the dreams money helps achieve." - Robert Kiyosaki
Ever wonder why some people seem to effortlessly attract wealth, while others struggle? The difference lies in a simple but profound truth: Money isn't a goal; it's a tool. A tool that, when understood and handled correctly, can open doors, create opportunities, and transform your dreams into reality.
Ever felt like your money seems to vanish as quickly as it comes in? No matter how hard you work, its like you take 2 steps forward and cycle back to the beginning?
Discover the power of financial planning. Understand that each dollar you earn is a soldier in your wealth army, ready to fight for your financial freedom. Learn how to draft a robust money plan, guiding your income towards growth and stability.
Transform from just hard work to smart work - see how to start thinking differently about your business and what you offer to the world, then and watch money chase down that value.
Uncover the secret that the rich understand: Money follows value. Learn how to maximize your unique value proposition, harness your skills, and position yourself in a way that naturally attracts wealth. Like 
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 Our Client, Sharif
 Module 8: Guard Your Gains
Protecting Your Prosperity from Self-Sabotage So It Can Be Enjoyed For Generations
"In the long run, it's not how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It's how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it." - Peter Lynch
"Congratulations! You've started to earn more than ever before!" This is real for many of our clients but opens the door to a nagging fear... That this could all disappear overnight. Or they can mess it up in a moment.
Discomfort and anxiety can sabotage your financial growth. Your fear can push you to make impulsive decisions.
We delve into proven strategies to guard what you've gained, ensuring it doesn't slip through your fingers. You will learn how to nurture your wealth, allowing it to grow and flourish safely and sustainably.
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 Our Client, Rebecca
 Module 9 (Bonus): Multiply By Subtraction
"Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions." – Barbara Hemphill
Many business owners feel swamped, and stifled and think it's a business problem when it isn't. We will share the completely UNEXPECTED cause for many who battle with overwhelm and how to restore order to your space, life and business.
Your  mind craves order, and when we're surrounded by chaos, it's hard for us to function at our highest level.
Leverage our step-by-step guide to create an environment that inspires creativity, peace, and focus so that when you show up to work, you know what you are doing and can work with ease and flow.
Detailed exercises to unlock the key to financial organization. Create a well-structured financial system to scaling your business to millions of dollars.
We often say this in our room - we multiply by subtracton. Learn how to do more with less.
Over These Powerful 8-Weeks, We Will Bridge The Gap Between Your Money and Mindset While Revealing a Step-by-Step Plan to Scale Your Revenue and Profit
“Why Will MMS Be Any Different?”
I agree.
There are thousands of courses, programs and online resources that regurgitate outdated or overused information without giving a REAL plan for success.

We focus on RESULTS.
And that's why we have RECEIPTS (proof of our client's longterm success).

Time is one of the most important assets you have… so stop wasting your time signing up for program after program without dealing with your foundation first.

Let's SHIFT from your roots, then all the strategy you are learning will produce faster results.

Here's some insight from our MMS Alumni
What's the Time Commitment?

1-3 Hours a week.

But honestly, the question you want to ask yourself is: what is it worth it to me to be able to show up right now for the dream I've been talking about for years?

How much time is my financial freedom worth so I can actually get your time back?

Do I need a Facebook account for this to work?

No, but it would make it easier for you to engage with the community. So you can create a dummy account but it is not a requirement.

Will this work for Insert Your Business Model?

People often ask will this work if I'm in the e-commerce space? Or a brick and mortar; or Service based, or Not for profit?

This is a brain process FIRST. And as beautiful and unique as you are, our brains are very similar in function and triggers.

What we are KILLER at, is identifying your limiting beliefs about money, demolishing them and setting you free to create at levels you could never have before, you will start to get fresh ideas to scale. And then giving you insight from the perspective of someone who has served hundreds of businesses in scaling.

What if my spouse is not on the same page financially?

Then at least ONE of you needs to be fighting for the family's finances. We've often started with one person and the spouse either benefited or in some cases SAW the changes for their spouse and joined them in the journey.

There won't be any change if your plan is to wait for someone who is NOT interested in shifting financially to one day wake up on fire for the thing you care about. I'm not a marriage coach but one thing I know is that you cannot force your spouse to change so you take 100% responsibility for the family to win financially and stop waiting for them to take the lead!

Can I sleep on this?

Yes you can. And sleeping on it has already cost you money.

Doing something costs something.
Doing nothing costs something
And often, doing NOTHING costs MORE than doing something.

Whether you step into the room or not, you are making decision in this moment about your finances as well as your willingness to pursue this dream.

You are always able to jump in at the $14k price point, however if you get started now, we will understand your decision to be committed and will be right there to support you through the process.

The next 8 weeks will pass either way, you will either be multiple times wiser financially or right where you've been.

Is this really the only time I'll see this Fast Action price?

Yes. We take our word very seriously. This is the only time you will see this fast action price. And it is the lowest price you will ever see for this programme ... ever.

We don't do sales on principle- we don't want one person to regret purchasing because they see a better price later. Or put off transformation while waiting for an imaginary discount code. That clock is real. THIS. IS. YOUR. DISCOUNT.

You will get another chance to invest at the $14,000 price, without the bonuses if you miss the cut off but why pay $4,000 more for a few more days to think after thinking about your situation for years?

In the past when we specifically announced we would not offer a replay people thought we were like other online marketers that don’t honor our word and expected me to send out those replay videos... we didn't.

We told folks to show up ON TIME for a live online event because we had a crazy # of people registered and they thought it was fake hype until 200 people were locked out of the zoom calls and our email list blew up.

Once we told our clients we were offering an incredible gift if they filled a form on time, some delayed and we ended up giving a client $10,000 as a gift toward her first home purchase.

We mean what we say and we say what we mean, I value decisiveness and want to award you with a $4,000 scholarship simply for being decisive right here, right now.

What Makes MMS Different?

We are not trying to be the loudest or most popular room on these internet streets. We are primarily focused on our client results and that is what drives all our business decisions.
We have clients that range from engineering firms, to grant service providers, to brick and mortar, tech startups, coaches and consultants, product and ecommerce and so many other sectors.

You get wisdom from someone who has done exactly what I am challenging you to do today. I have invested over $750,000 into my own growth journey and the scariest investment was my first investment of ~$3,400 when we didn't have food to eat.

Because of that, I have 10x'ed my business year over year. I started as an immigrant with my mom working 3 jobs to support us and built what we have from the bottom up with no handouts. This is real.

I have a sales team/friend/family member that NEEDS a Money Mindset SHIFT, could I share this with them?

Yes you can. Step into the room and we will be able to discuss a plan for getting the rest of your team or family on the tea.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

That’s a SMART business question. 👏🏾👏🏾
How much money do you want to earn back from your investment in this process?
If you earned the $14,000 back over the next few months would that be good for you?
No! You didn’t come here to earn what you invested. It would be a waste of your time and money. You came to earn 5x, 10x, 100x that. But the only person that can make that happen is you.

My client Kevin said it best:

Take the help
Do the Work
Guarantee Your Own Success

But I didn't say it 😂😂

Yeah But...
I can’t invest into my business right now.

Abundance Vs. Scarcity

If you are feeling the pressure of the current economy this is a time to FIRM UP your money mindset and walk into abundance, not the time to contract.

I need to organize my finances before I step into the room.

I'll Start Organizing First

You must be that person that hires cleaners and then cleans the house to prep for their arrival. 😂😂
Don’t do it. Take the help. Step in.
This is what we’re here to help you do!

I just don't have the time to focus on this.

The Gift of Time

There are many things you can outsource and hire for.

but NO ONE ELSE can FIGHT for your money mindset.
It is you vs you.

Clearing your mindset will actually help you think with CLARITY and give yourself the GIFT of time!

We don't think twice about giving our time to our family, friends, clients, bosses, team members but when it comes time to give ourselves the gift of time, we often give excuses.

I call BS.

If you don't take care of yourself, you can only hold down the ship for so long before YOU become the bottleneck.

I didn't grow up with this type of wealth, I don't know where to start.

If you didn't come from a wealthy family, let a wealthy family COME FROM YOU!

If this is a thought, you DEFINITELY need our help.

Also, too many of our clients started from ground zero for me to believe it won't work for you.

90% of the examples I showed you so far - built their wealth AFTER working with us.

It's too expensive...

Expensive is Relative

I get it, for a few of you it may feel like a big investment so let me ask you, have you ever attended college?
How much did you spend on your tuition?
What was your goal from that degree you earned?

To do good work and become financially free

So let’s help you finally get to the financial freedom part without the additional cost of 2-4 years of more education.

I'm already running a 7-8 figure company.

There is more for you.

Yes even you.

Everyone is impressed by what you have built but we are waiting to see what you CAN build.

You ain’t even got started yet. So SHIFT your money mindset so we can find out together.

Most "programs" and courses don't even see you or actually care about your results.

We See You

This is true and is one of the reasons we are so passionate about what we do, is because a lot of coaches act like gatekeepers to information that could transform others for fear that they will "surpass" them.

It is a SCARCITY mindset that holds others back - we believe that there is MORE THAN ENOUGH for all of us!

I just don't have the cash on hand.

Your business should have the ability to make a $10,000 investment when you need it. $5k minimum. If it can't, it means you are either not keeping enough of a profit or earning the amount you need. In which case, all of the other things you are focused on need to take second priority. Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business.

Revenue has to be your top priority.
You more than anyone else need to find your butt inside this room.

We can help you - email if you would like to be connected to our funding partners OR need some ideas for where you can pull money from.

Folks have slapped it on a card, used their savings account, investment accounts, a line of credit, etc.

If you are transferring the funds, you can contact us to put down a deposit within your 3 days so you don't lose the bonuses, while the rest of the funds are transferred.

This is Your Chance to Finally Peel Off The Layers Holding You Back and Step Into The Next Level of Income Through This 3-Day Challenge

Obviously, I can't make any revenue guarantees. I can give you all the steps and all the support, but it's on you to implement it. That said, I want you to be successful- client results is our top measurment for our company's success (that is why you see so many of our clients on this page). They speak louder than we do. And I want you to be able to share your scale story as well.

Where would 2x to 10x of your current revenue place you?

The Money Mindset SHIFT. system is your KEY to scalability. I want you to look back and laugh at how small the investment into this process was compared to the revenue you made from it.

I want you to be ridiculously, deservedly successful.

So if you’re serious about making money work for you so you aren't simply working for money, then it all starts with the decision to click on the button below and join Money Mindset SHIFT. today. 

No more playing small.
No more hustling into insanity.

This is your moment to take back control and live as the multi-millionaire entrepreneur you are. 

Click the button below to get started now.
Your Guide: Toyin Crandell

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Toyin Crandell, I am a daughter of immigrant parents and migrated to North America as a child. I'm a Jesus lovin' homeschooling mom of 3 children and wifed up to the finest man on the planet.

I used to be stuck in tens of thousands of debt, I have experienced what it is like to have no food for my family and what it is like to live with family members for months because we could not afford our own place as entrepreneurs.

I made a radical decision in one of my lowest moments that I would become a Millionaire in one year and shifted my money mindset (yes I actually created the program for myself because I desperately needed it)...

I did not hit that goal.

But I did become a millionaire within 3 years. 👀

By the 5 year point I had created 11 streams of income, own multiple real estate properties that cashflow 6 figures a year and am now running a multimillion dollar organization (while I took 2 full years off the business to volunteer full-time in the community, have two babies and enjoy solitude prayer retreats with God, as well as rest and family time). 💃🏾

This year, we went from earning a few million per year to earning a million dollars in one week because I implemented our MMS process afresh.

I was invited to join 40 CEOs from around the world for a 4 day retreat with Sir Richard Branson on his private island. (If you don't know who he is... his private island neighbor owns Google.)

All this to say, I've been teaching money mindset and scale strategies before it became cool.
Been training people to create generational wealth before it became a buzz word.
Been shifting mindsets and changing people's financial trajectory before it was a vibe.

I am a pioneer and global authority in leveraging neuroscience to scale businesses to millions of dollars. I do this by transforming your money mindset in order to optimize your sales, and organizational growth.

I am the host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, founder of Money Mindset SHIFT., and a best-selling author, as well as an internationally sought-after speaker, consultant, and coach. 

I have been featured on over 68 speaking, and training platforms and have trained over 47,000+ individuals and business owners to step into the high-performance activity that will drive a tangible increase in their revenue and profits... and my clients have the receipts to show for it. My work has earned me recognition as a formidable force in reshaping financial attitudes and enhancing business performance for years.

Listen. My story is already being told - it's YOUR turn!

We Value Decisiveness.
Here's Why -
I have sat with a lot of successful people and yes, success is multiple things, but for this conversation, I am talking about people who have built successful businesses, earned lots of money and created freedom for themselves and the people they love.
I have sat with multimillionaires and billionaires and do you want to guess the one trait I have seen in ALL of them (myself included)????


Now its true - sometimes decisiveness means...
you will make mistakes
but I know without a shadow of a doubt-


The marking of someone who can multiply wealth is to
know when you see a good deal and ACT FAST.
In real estate, myself and my hubby have made money and saved money (over a million) just because we moved FAST.
Conversely, the most money we ever LOST was because we hesitated for a month on a key decision that I knew we needed to make but didn’t run with.

Can I share something personal with you?
When we first decided that we would no longer be strapped financially and always in survival mode, I was invited to join a leadership training that would cost us thousands of dollars. It was crazy beyond anything we had ever invested into ourselves outside of university.
We were struggling financially at that time.
But I knew that all this was PROOF that there was something missing.

Listen, I am smart (just like you).
I am hardworking.
I am resourceful and know how to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.
So when I saw this gap, I knew that this meant there was something I didn’t yet know in order to implement and shift.
And I didn’t even know what that thing could be.

So you know what we did? We called around to get what we needed to get in that room.
Little did I know that experience would shift me internally and help me come face to face with my biggest fears and limiting beliefs about money. (y’all they weren’t money mindset coaches - shoot they weren’t coaches AT ALL lololol they were wealthy Christian business owners and that was the environment that shocked my system).
What I created from that experience shifted us dramatically from struggle to significance. And triggered the work I have now done for over 43,000 people.

So if you have been watching from the sidelines... 👀
If you have been wanting to shift financially. You are making ok money in your business but you know there is more and are ready to cross over into scaling to millions of dollars instead of haggling for pennies.
Or you are making great money but it isn’t converting into PERSONAL wealth and proof in your net worth.

But you have been psyching yourself out and telling yourself - I can’t do it right now because ______ (I’m too busy, I don’t have time, I can’t add something to my plate bla bla bla).

Wake up and take action today.
Stop waiting for things to get better before you do what’s needed to make it better.
Do yourself a favour and fight for your rest.
Learn how to make money work for you.
Learn how to shift your limiting beliefs about money (especially the ones that kicked in since this economy started to go sideways).
I promise you people are scaling their businesses today in the middle of the crazy.
Plus, I've made it a NO BRAINER to make a decision today - 

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9 Module Course plus bonus trainings such as Irreplaceable habits of Millionaires


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Access to Money Mindset SHIFT apps, worksheets and trackers - Net Worth Tracker, Profit First Monthly Worksheet, Monthly Cashflow Tracker and more


Lifetime Access to the Modules and Training, including future course additions

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