How 6 and 7 Figure Online Business Owners Master Their Money and Breakthrough Revenue Ceilings Without Sacrificing Their Happiness...
...even if they have been overworking for years
Client Results Below
The results demonstrated on this page are from committed individuals who were willing to take a hard look in the mirror and do what was necessary to create their financial freedom. These are real clients who showed up like rockstars and did the work. No one was compensated for their testimonial.
Watch Isi's Interview
Made over $400,000 after years of less than $10k annually
Learn about the decisions Isi made to go from barely any income in her business after years of hard work, to her first $400,000+ cash collected year... with freedom and joy in her process. Today she has done her first million in just 1.5 years of working with our team. Feeling more empowered than ever... during a pandemic while others were saying "it's impossible".
You're Not Stuck
These business owners started off just like you and have multiplied their revenue and personal income in every sector - brick and mortar, service agencies, online businesses and more.
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Watch Kevin's Journey
Earning consistent multiple 5 figure months after years of popularity without pay.
These are the EXACT money mindset roadblocks Kevin had to change to get his business from "famous and popular without pay". To the highest revenue year ever, sitting on multiple public boards, multiple 5 figure contracts and more... in just one year.
Watch Ben and Heather's Journey
Scaling their stock market investments, securing 8 figure business growth and having more fun than ever
Watch this video to see how Ben and Heather overcame their financial self-sabotage, regained their confidence and began to make multi-million dollar decisions that created multi-million dollar results.
While enjoying their lives and family more than ever before.
Watch Kelly's Interview
Paid off $200,000 worth of debt in 2 years!... after trying and failing for decades and thinking her time had passed.
Learn the exact steps Kelly took, to completely transform her mindset around money. Shift from a place of stress, panic attacks and complete overwhelm, to having confidence, flow and financial ease... and paying off over $200,000 worth of debt in 2 years after working with our team.
Truth Bombs in Zamal and Sadine's Interview
You can be successful and still limit yourself from stepping into your NEXT level.
Zamal and Sadine are both very successful career professionals but they knew they had hit a plateau for years. Watch this video to see how they scaled their income in just 8 weeks, paid off over $75,000 of debt AND learned to make their money work for them.
Watch Karen's Interview
Reviving her company after creating massive multi-7 figure success and getting into a comfort plateau for years.
As a business owner who was already financially free, Karen came to us focused on building leaders within her company and changing their story...
Her massive success meant that she had begun to coast because she could afford to.
Tune in to find out exactly how Karen, a phenomenal business leader leveraged Money Mindset SHIFT to take her business from comfortable and coasting to greater impact and massive financial growth!
Watch Dorianne's Journey
She left a lucrative job at Google and decided if she was going full-time in her own business. This. Better. WORK.
As an online business owner and career coach, Dorianne had been doing it part-time for years and seeing the feast and famine cycle. When she decided to go full-time with her business she knew that she needed to create consistent income to support her family... so she took the steps to get it done right out of the gate.
Watch Rochelle's Interview
How she became DEBT FREE in 6 months after trying for years - without needing to change her job.
After being randomly attacked 11 times in her life, Rochelle thought “[she] was just one of those people who only had bad luck”. Her life was filled with pain. Hurt. Disappointment. Feeling like she would be the 1% that ALWAYS had random negative things happen to her. And this affected her finances as well.

She was a miser and never used to spend any money but in 2014 something shifted and she racked up credit card debt beyond what she would ever have believed. Since then, she had been paying minimum payments and was sinking further into debt from late payments and interest charges. She was spending more than what she was earning and relying on credit cards to cover the bills. Money went out MUCH faster than it came in. She was literally existing and not really living.

Apprehensive but knowing something had to change, Rochelle booked a breakthrough call with our team.
Watch the video below to see how she...
⤁ Let go of the grief, depression, hopelessness in her financial situation and life overall...
⤁ Forgave herself and the traumas of the past and has started building a healthy positive mindset...
⤁ Owns her space and is able to say “no” while empowering others to own their own outcomes instead of depending constantly on her.
and here’s the biggie…
Watch to see how Rochelle FINALLY became debt free in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS when she thought it would take her years after being stuck since 2014. No shortcuts, bankruptcy, consolidation or consumer proposal involved. Just a simple proven debt freedom strategy minus the self sabotage.

Lisia's Story
How I landed my dream promotion, got a massive raise, paid off $80,000 worth of debt and finally have financial peace for my family
Before I met Toyin, I was completely stuck financially and I felt hopeless about seeing any real long-lasting change. I am a leader in my sphere and both myself and my husband had great jobs. Things looked good but we were struggling... seriously.

I was always worried about how to make the money reach the end of the month because no matter how much we earned, somehow the money always found a way out. We had tried financial seminars, new budgets, we had even consolidated loans to "start over" but each time we would go back to square one.

I came across Toyin's videos and when I heard her talk about breaking out of long-term negative financial patterns and changing how we THINK about money and act with money, I thought that maybe this would be different and I was sooooo right. Within a matter of weeks, Toyin, Taryn and their team completely transformed our mindsets around money, our habits and our financial trajectory.

It's been 5 months since working with them and we have paid off over $80,000 worth of debt!!! We are living within our budget AND enjoying our lives! We have extra savings and investments for the first time ever. I can finally focus on building other dreams instead of constantly worrying about how to make ends meet. But most of all, the bugs and stress that used to crawl around in my stomach is gone and I don't carry that stress anymore.

I am so grateful for Toyin and her team's support, wisdom and love.
Colleen's Journey
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As someone who had watched OTHERS change but never herself, read what Colleen had to say about her financial transformation
Celebrating the fact that 18 weeks ago (and for many years before that) my finances were a mess. Before joining Money Mindset Shift, I was scared of money. Scared of not having enough money. Running on autopilot, doing what I thought I “should” do (especially when it came to what others would expect me to do). Piling unnecessary pressure onto my shoulders. Burdening myself with things I didn’t even need to worry about, and then feeling like I would crumble under the weight.

Can now honestly say there is enough money in my chequing account to fully cover all recurring expenses. (That would be the same chequing account that spent years in seemingly perpetual overdraft...and where I considered the "wiggle room" in my overdraft to be how much money I had to work with). Now I have thousands in my savings account; I am out of overdraft and have thousands of dollars as my chequing account buffer.

I have paid down almost all of my debt since October 2020. Not only do I have a ZERO balance on credit cards, my final debt has gone from $17,000 to $3,700;

My family members are now taking a look at their own finances, TALKING about their finances, and reducing monthly expenses without changing quality of life. At. All.

I no longer wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes twice) worrying / panicking about the future. Once I fall asleep, I sleep like a baby.

My mind has shifted - money can be talked about, looked at, faced and managed. It's not actually scary at all. Not when you UNDERSTAND it (and how it works). Yes, it actually works...for ME, not just others.
Ask me what I think of Money Mindset SHIFT. Go ahead. Ask me.
You are NOT STUCK!
I'll say it again - You are NOT STUCK!
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I'll say it again - You are NOT STUCK!
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Disclaimer: Breaking sabotage and creating success with rest ease and flow is not automatic. We coached every one of our clients through fear, overwhelm, and challenges to create their outcomes. Living in such a way that you have a lasting legacy will be based on your unique journey, therefore your results will be different. If you are looking for shortcuts or “simple motivational talks” check out youtube. We’re here for those who are ready to implement and see a true lasting financial transformation.
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