Replay of the 2023 TCC Year of Expansion Momentum Retreat Featuring in-depth training from 4 Days with Sir Richard Branson and 40 of the world's top leaders and CEOs.
What do you need to know?
This exclusive VIP Training session replay is available for TCC Millionaire Mastermind, Legacy Tribes, Momentum and other members of the TCC community.
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Specific lessons learned from Toyin's once in a lifetime experience being invited to join Sir Richard Branson and some of the top 40 CEOs from around the world for 4 days on his private Necker Island. This training will be instrumental in helping you identify how the ultra successful think about challenges, how to get similar doors opened up for you and how to navigate complex business/career dynamics.
What Can You Expect?
👉🏾 How smart business owners are navigating the current economic climate
👉🏾 How I got to a Necker Island (check my IG reels) without any prior connection to Sir Richard Branson - somebody say MONEY MINDSET SHIFTTTTTT STRATEGIEEESSS
👉🏾 Answers to some of the questions YOU posted for me to ask him (and his responses to my questions as well) - honestly mind blowing.
👉🏾 My biggest learnings from spending a week with ultra successful people in various sectors including multiple billionaires.
👉🏾 What I will be adapting in my leadership style, business and coaching practice because of what I've seen and experienced
👉🏾 How to step into YOUR year of expansion and receive similar experiences to what I just had.
👉🏾 Special announcement of a HUGE upcoming opportunity for a member of our community to step into a similar room.. with me.. for completely free (the last time we did this we gave away $10,000USD so we ain't playin 'bout this!
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Toyin Crandell is the host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, a best-selling author, a financial mentor, international speaker, and the founder of Money Mindset SHIFT.⁠ She specializes in helping people scale their business revenue and career income, design a bulletproof financial freedom plan and create the multimillion dollar bank account and lifestyle they have worked hard for by ditching their limiting beliefs about money and through strategic financial and business coaching,

She has helped tens of thousands of business owners and career professionals increase their net worth by millions of dollars, pay off millions of dollars worth of debt and do this without living on "rice and beans".

Using bible-based wealth principles, she went from being stuck in tens of thousands of debt, having no food or home for her family to 11 streams of income, multiple real estate properties and running a multi-million dollar company in the span of four years. It's your turn, because you are not meant to simply work for money, money is meant to work for you.

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