Transform Your Team, Scale Your Revenue

Elevate your sales, marketing and executive teams’ money mindset so they can think bigger, achieve more and crush sales targets…

without triggering overwhelm.

Your company has enormous potential.
Potential to amplify performance, skyrocket your bottom line, and create sustainability as you grow. But this potential is only realized as you prioritize the most important thing – the mental stamina, creativity and confidence of your team.

In a time when the global economy is full of uncertainty, the strongest weapon your company possesses is not just your area of expertise, but having people who are resilient, confident and joyfully creative in the midst of pressure.

This is available to you if you are willing to prioritize unlocking that potential within your teams, leading to exponential growth and more significant value for the customers you serve.

How do we help you do this? It’s simple.

We help corporations increase revenue by teaching their sales and marketing teams money mindset strategies that change the way they think about money, and thus improves their sales abilities.

We elevate your team’s money mindset through neuroscience-based, leadership focused keynotes, workshops and ongoing coaching and consulting.

Our Offering

We understand that training your teams on strengthening their mental stamina and providing financial education is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.
Here is where you begin:

Acknowledge The Market

The truth is consumers are more cautious than ever about their spending, and your team’s money mindset will play a pivotal role in ensuring not just your company’s survival but it’s ability to thrive in adversity.

Think Bigger, Achieve More

This training empowers your sales, marketing, and executive teams to think bigger about your collective mission, clarify strategies to hit 2x-10x goals, and operate with confidence, groundedness, and clarity.

Improve Sales, Build Cohesive Teams

This means they show up with focus, heart connection and certainty in your offerings for their prospects. They build cohesive teams without the internal competition, and optimize current business growth opportunities.

The truth is, your team’s money mindset affects your bottom line – every. single. day.

Your Guide

Toyin Crandell is a pioneer and global authority in helping your brain think differently through neuroscience principles in order to scale business revenue by multiple millions of dollars. She does this by transforming the money mindset of executives, marketing and sales teams in order to optimize their sales, and organizational growth.

The host of the Millionaire Money Podcast, founder of Money Mindset SHIFT., and a best-selling author, Toyin is an internationally sought-after speaker, consultant, and coach.

She has been featured on over 68 platforms sharing the power of the human brain in creating behavior that increases high-performance activity which drives an increase in revenue and profits… and her clients have the receipts to show for it.

Her passion is in partnering with corporate organizations, fueling their growth through powerful sales and money mindset strategies for CEOs, their executives and teams. With a robust portfolio of clients, Toyin has contributed to scaling company revenues by millions of dollars, by focusing on their most pivotal asset –their people.

Her work has earned her a reputation as a formidable force in reshaping financial attitudes and enhancing business performance.

With an incredibly inspirational personal journey of going from being stuck in tens of thousands of debt, having no food or home for her family to 11 streams of income, multiple real estate properties and running a multimillion dollar organization in the span of four years, she is a living demonstration of what is possible when your brain gets in line with your financial goals.

Let’s 10x Your Team!

43,000+ Individuals

MultiMillions in Additional Revenue for Clients

With More Joy And Less Overwhelm For Their People

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Money Mindset SHIFT Snapshot

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Why Now?

This often happens because people are afraid of making mistakes for fear of being embarrassed or criticized, and so do not speak up or think creatively even when there is potential for growth.

We help your team gain internal confidence so that they are free to share their ideas, bounce back after mistakes and stop the sometimes debilitating inner chatter.

Leaders who lack strong mental stamina and rock solid money mindset often lead their teams from a place of fear and avoidance of confrontation or extreme competition which causes micromanagement, unresolved conflicts and unnecessary tension – which in turn increases employee turnover.

We help your leaders acknowledge the hidden triggers behind their responses and reactions and as they come to peace with themselves, learn to show compassion, and strength of leadership in the workplace. 

Often large corporations deal with high pressure, high paced environments and despite how talented a team member is, if they do not have mental resilience, the pace burns them out prematurely.

We help your team members develop levels of self-awareness and personal mental practices to withstand high pressure environments and thrive in challenges. So that you no longer have talented employees who continually get overwhelmed and quit. 

A+ Leaders value their internal growth in any position they occupy – whether Directorship or Frontline Sales and if they do not feel internally motivated, challenged or on a growth trajectory, they easily find new positions that excite and stretch them.

Investing into their mental stamina and money mindset shows them that you are willing to prioritize what matters to them. Your willingness to invest into who they are becoming creates stronger brand loyalty and long-term commitment.

Most leadership development processes focus on the external symptoms like conflict resolution, and addressing missed KPIs without acknowledging the internal challenges team members face that often impede their performance. They simply don’t deal with the stress that stops team members from making innovative, creative decisions. This lack of identifying root causes creates ongoing issues within teams, impeding productivity. 

We help you equip your team members with strategies to handle stress, and foster harmonious team dynamics. By addressing critical aspects often ignored in traditional programs, and integrating money mindset and mental stamina components into your leadership development program our training unlocks the full potential of corporate leaders, and creates well-rounded team members, more capable of navigating the complexities of the corporate world.

I mean, this goes without saying. They expect it. And it supports your company’s overall financial targets. It’s a no brainer.

If a team member is feeling financial stress, they are not able to show up to their full capacity or ability. It pays to help them get financial clarity both in their mindset and with their practical financial situation.

We incorporate pragmatic trainings around re-organizing personal finance, creating financial freedom plans, and planning for the future along with our money mindset processes so that not only do they drop the stress, but they know exactly how to hit their personal financial goals within the context of the work they are doing within your company.

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on bonuses and salaries if your team’s money mindset is not rock solid, it will never be enough. And if they do not feel like they have “enough” they are more susceptible to being poached by a competitor in order to try to take care of themselves and their families better.

It pays you to help them find their place of being and having “enough”.

Our Approach

Authentic, No-nonsense Approach

You get an authentic, no-nonsense neuroscience approach to mindset leadership optimization training. 

We are not here to sing kumbaya, we set clear outcomes with processes for tracking the shifts that take place.


Our training is focused on specific goals you have set, including the path to get there. 
We offer easy-to-understand solutions that produce instant results and custom-tailored training to fit your teams’ needs.


From across the United States, Canada and all the way to Europe and Australia. We have done this work globally for over 8 years with testimonials of mental shifts as well as financial acceleration for teams all over the world.  

Your team will be able to identify and let go of deeply held limiting beliefs so that they can hit their targets with flow and fun!

We help growth-focused organizations build resilience, confidence and creativity through the use of neuroscience sales and money mindset strategies.

By investing in Money Mindset SHIFT., you will see:

Teams growing in self-leadership, resulting in less external “motivation” needed from directors and executives. This leads to…

Increase in revenue and profit

Stronger brand loyalty

Reductions in employee turnover

Reduced absenteeism

A winning edge when recruiting top talent.

In 2021, employers lost 4.7 billion dollars per week due to their employee's financial stress.
It resulted in 15.3 hours of lost productivity per employee per week.
Let's collaborate and change this narrative.

Hitting Your Financial Targets Requires A Bulletproof Money Mindset in Your Sales, Marketing, and Executive Teams.

Assess Your Team Today

NeuroLeadership Corporate Consulting FAQs

Depending on the custom needs of your organization and the package selected, our corporate consulting ranges from a one-time keynote education session helping your team identify their current limiting beliefs about money and shifting them in the session. 

It can also be as involved as a deep-dive into your business operations and processes, with a special focus on the financial decision-making attitudes of your teams. We identify areas of opportunity, limiting beliefs they may have about money, help them shift it in real time, and then devise a customized business growth plan in line with your current objectives, and guide you in executing this plan for optimal results.

Our coaching program works on both an individual and group level. We provide one-on-one coaching for executives and managers to help them become more effective leaders, capable of inspiring a positive money mindset in their teams. We also offer group coaching sessions to promote a healthy, productive dialogue around finance, fostering a culture of abundance and prosperity. Many companies leverage our group coaching processes for their sales and marketing teams.

It must. Every organization’s dynamic is unique, and hence, their needs are unique too. Our speaking, coaching and consulting programs are tailored to match the specific requirements of your organization, ensuring you receive the highest level of impact and tangible, sustainable results.

Our speaking engagements cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: 

  • Money Mindset Mastery: Unlocking the Path to Exceed Financial Targets
  • Fueling Success: How Building Mental Stamina and a Solid Money Mindset Drives Corporate Excellence
  • It’s Bigger Than Money: Finding Meaning In Work and Achievement
  • Mind Over Money: Empowering Executives to Achieve Unprecedented Financial Growth
  • The Business Growth Scale Formula: Our Process for Helping Teams Hit 10x Targets
  • The Financial Edge: Elevating Sales and Marketing Teams through Inner Transformation
  • Beyond Numbers: Harnessing the Mindset that Drives Exceptional Financial Performance

If you have a specific topic in mind, feel free to discuss it with us.

Booking us is a straightforward process.

  • Simply reach out to us via the contact form below and we will be in touch within 48hrs. 
  • We will schedule an initial consultation to understand your corporation’s unique needs and goals.
  • Based on this discovery process, we will create a customized proposal, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience for your executives or sales and marketing teams. 
  • Once the proposal is approved, we are ready to run.

From a keynote session to a long-term consulting partnership, your team will be able to identify specific mindset SHIFTS within each interaction. In addition to this, the timeframe for team cohesiveness and specific financial targets can vary based on the organization’s size and the depth of the issues addressed and the format of training selected. For sustained and significant growth, we recommend a longer term consulting partnership as well as continued practice and application of the principles we teach.

Yes, we firmly believe in the importance of measurable outcomes. To ensure you can track the progress and impact of our program, we incorporate tools and methods for evaluation. These include pre and post-program surveys, performance metrics related to team cohesiveness, financial decision-making, and overall business performance indicators such as revenue growth and profit margins.

Skepticism is a natural reaction, especially when dealing with intangible concepts like mindset. Our programs are designed to be engaging, interactive, and rooted in practical application, which often helps even the most skeptical individuals see the value and potential impact of shifting their money mindset. We provide evidence, real-life examples, and create a safe, non-judgmental space for open discussions.

Even those who are skeptical will discover their own limiting beliefs about money and once they do, they are ALL IN to shift out of them!

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