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 The 100 MultiMillionaires 2023 Cohort includes the following: 
- SHIFT your limiting beliefs about having millions of dollars so you are willing to BE a multimillion-dollar strategic and adaptable business owner who rests, runs, and has fun again!
- Clarify and clear your top bottlenecks to cross this million-dollar milestone (this will change over the course of the year because business is dynamic).
- Create and implement clear strategies for scaling your business to $1M Cash/Profit depending on your current level, in ALL FOUR areas of business.
- Leverage the money you earn so that that money can get to work, multiply and you are able to eventually work because you CHOOSE to and not because you have to.

The Money Mindset SHIFT. Course ($14,000 Value) - This program alone has assisted hundreds of people in scaling their income by tens of millions of dollars. This is where our Trademarked Neuroscience process for shifting your financial habits (The Diamond Effect/Module 2) will be made available to you so that your business is accelerated and not limited by your brain. Lifetime access.

The Millionaire Mastermind Course ($65,000 Value) - This is the main room for the 100 Multimillionaire Cohort. In THIS room we will walk you through every single step your business needs to cross the million dollar mark in your revenue, cash collected or profit with rest, ease and flow. The principles available for implementation in this course have worked for diverse business sectors and industries with predictable success, if you complete the streamlining processes available to you. Millionaires live here.

The Winning in Real Estate Course ($14,000 Value) - This is where we show you exactly how to leverage the cash flow from your business in gaining additional net worth, additional income and assets that produce not only passive income but true, lasting generational wealth for the people you love. Lifetime access.

Content and Bonuses:
- One on One “Million Dollar Focus” Blueprint Strategy Session with Toyin Crandell to map out your exact path to hitting a minimum of one million dollars in cash collected or profit over the next two years. This will be the foundation for your strategy over the next 12 months. It can adapt and accelerate as you hit your outcomes however, this is the guide.

- Weekly Deep-Dive Sessions focused on implementation of your company’s Million Dollar Focus Blueprint. Sessions include specific training and directives around optimizing your systems, sales, team management, self and client leadership, marketing (paid and organic), tech, and applications as well as automations that can be leveraged to assist your team. Plus access to 2 extra group coaching meetings a week on an as-needed basis.

- Weekly access to our in house Chief Marketing Officer, as well as some of the world’s best Strategy, Mindset and Peak Performance Coaches to ensure you have everything you need to accelerate your process steadily and quickly.

- Sales Mastery Review Sessions to solidify and systemize your client conversion process for heartfelt, connected and powerful conversations that convert consistently.

- Guest Expert Sessions and invitations to rooms and trainings with million dollar and billion dollar global leaders (100M+), to challenge and show you what is available for your next level.

- Bi-Weekly One on One Success Coaching Sessions to ensure your old self limiting patterns do not slow down your current Million Dollar Focus goal.

- 3 Quarterly Online/In-Person Luxe Retreats with Toyin Crandell, the Money Mindset SHIFT. team and other members of the cohort to network, get inspired and keep momentum in every area of your business.

- Exclusive Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur Community to collaborate and connect with other high-level entrepreneurs who are always rooting for you (and challenging you to go the extra mile). We are only slightly competitive in this room… lol

- Private Facebook Community to connect with thousands of other business owners who are learning how to make money work for them instead of always working for money.

- Priority Helpdesk Support for daily practical answers to your questions so that you can make wise scaling decisions and create with your team as efficiently as possible.
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